Tired of Drippy jets or jets that Clog up ?

Jet Kits upgrade you to long-life drip-free,
clog-free stainless.

These Jet Kits feature Jet screen strainer and check valve.

The extensions  are stainless and come with a lifetime warranty.

These extensions correct for height  and help minimize overspray if you use a glide.

Pick the Jet Kit specifically designed for your wand or rotary extractor as outlined below…

Jet Kits

Click on the Wand Name to the Left.


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Bane 12”

Butler 10”

Butler 14”

CMP 14”

HOE 12”

PMF 802

Prochem Quad

Prochem Titanium

RotoVac & 360, 360i


Steam Way 12”

Westpak 14”